A family in China now

I’ve been following the blog of a family currently in China adopting a child:


Blog from a teenage Chinese adoptee

Memoirs Of An Adopted Teen could be the start of an interesting blog from a boy adopted in China just before turning 14 years old by an American family.  I plan to follow the blog.  He was old enough to remember the entire adoption process while he was in China and hopefully he will detail his experiences as he gets acclimated to life in the United States as a young immigrant and a member of a transracial family.

Parents hope transplant will save adopted daughter

Video from the Today show:


10 year anniversary

10 years ago today, on December 8, 2012, Susan and I met Emily for the first time in the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China.  I found my blog post from that day.

“Flew to Nanchang (capital of the province of Jiangxi, where Emily was). Met our adoption guide at the Nanchang airport. Took the hotel shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We met Emily at the hotel. She was already there waiting in the lobby when we arrived.  She was sitting on a sofa with the orphanage director and caregivers probably only 25 feet from the hotel entrance.  As I was checking in at the front desk, Emily was already in the arms of Susan.  Within 30 minutes, the orphanage director and caregiver were gone and Emily was playing in our hotel room.” 

As I recall, we were suppose to arrive at the hotel several hours before meeting Emily. However, our flight was several hours late flying in from Beijing to Nanchang.  Instead we met Emily in the hotel lobby as we simultaneously checked into the hotel.

Somewhere Between: Radio Interview on PRI’s The World (November 15, 2012)

Click on the Play button to listen (approximately 5 minutes, 30 seconds).  A radio interview on today’s The World (a program on many U.S. public radio stations).

Somewhere Between: Showing in San Jose Beginning September 28

For those in the San Francisco bay area who can’t make it to Berkeley or San Francisco, Somewhere  Between will be showing in San Jose beginning September 28 for a limited engagement.  See the link below for details.

Camera 3 Cinema

China’s Children International

I found this project put together by a group of teenage Chinese adoptees in the United States.

There website is at: http://www.chinaschildreninternational.org

Somewhere Between: This weekend in San Francisco, Berkeley

“Somewhere Between” is showing in San Francisco and Berkeley beginning this upcoming weekend from September 21-27.  The director will hold Question & Answer sessions at the end of some showings on September 21-23. Click here for details on all bay area showings, dates/times of showings with Question & Answer sessions, and links to buy advance tickets.

Film Summary from firedoglake.com (posted 9/17/2012)

Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between will be shown in the San Francisco bay area (San Francisco and Berkeley) from September 21-27.  There will be Director Question and Answer sessions at some of the showings.  Details at: http://www.somewherebetweenmovie.com/screenings

Rollercoaster Adventure

Emily decided to take it up a notch this weekend by trying a rollercoaster that goes upside down at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo). She had her friend from school next to her to meet the challenge. Afterwards, Emily said it was fun but won’t be going back on any time soon.