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April 2005

Adoption application and homestudy agreement mailed to our adoption agency today for adoption #2.

Click here for “Advocacy Is Heading the Show: CCM’s Steven Curtis Chapman Shares His Heart for Adoption” from the Agape Press. Click here for “Family’s adoption story spans the world, Web” from the Greensboro News Record (NC).

Completed I-600A (Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition) mailed to the Sacramento Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration (formerly the INS) today for #2.

Click here for “Making room for another: New Berlin couple with 5 sons from China has been granted the rare exception to adopt a sixth” from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Internet bulletin boards are reporting Chinese adoption referrals today for end of September 2004 DTCs.

Click here for “Chinese adoptions accelerating trend toward more diversity” from the Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC). Click here for “An emotional journey” from the Ashburton Guardian (New Zealand).

Click here for “For local families, adoption process filled with excitement, anticipation” from the Wet Mountain Tribune (CO).