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September 2006

We received our Chinese adoption referral today. Here is the link.

Our Chinese adoption referral and pictures will be posted as soon as possible.

Updated on the CCAA website just a few minutes ago: “The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our office before December 31, 2005. The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before August 9, 2005. ” Based […]

Just a note: There is the possibility that the package headed to my adoption agency doesn’t have referrals. I very much think it will contain my travel group’s referrals (my application was in a group of 11 or so applications sent by my agency to China at the same time). But nobody will know for […]

Continuing to track the referral package: As of 9AM Saturday, the package is at the DHL facility in Dublin, California (24 miles from our adoption agency). Here’s a snapshot of the tracking page.

I am tracking the delivery package with our Chinese adoption referral. The package is headed to Orinda (the headquarters of our adoption agency). Here’s the tracking page (as of Saturday morning 12:51 AM). You may need to enlarge the next window after clicking on the link to see it.

Our referral is on its way from China. It should arrive at our agency on Monday. We’ll receive a phone call with details on Monday. And we’ll go to the local office of our agency on Tuesday to see the pictures and pick up a copy of the referral.

This should be the end of the waiting. We’re expecting to receive information about our new daughter this week or next week. First, we’ll get a call from our adoption agency telling us they have received from China a referral of a baby girl for us. We’ll get details about her (name, birthdate, where she […]

Today, we started a short Disneyland vacation. We began the drive down to southern California this morning and made it here in 7 hours ( which included a short visit to In-n-out Burger for lunch). I figured a short vacation would be nice for myself, Susan, and Emily before we start preparing for our trip […]