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October 2006

I’m going to Disneyland! (maybe)

Just three more days. On mid Thursday afternoon, we head to San Francisco to catch an evening flight to Hong Kong.

For those who have asked: Yes, I will be bringing my laptop to China. I will be blogging (with a lot more detail than my typical blog entries) and posting pictures from our trip during our trip.

Slight change in our schedule: We’ll be flying out of San Francisco shortly after midnight on November 3 (essentially the evening of November 2), arriving in Hong Kong on November 4, staying in Hong Kong for two nights, flying to Guangzhou on November 6, and hopefully getting our baby on November 7. We’ll leave China […]

We have been informed that we will be flying on an airplane to China shortly after midnight on November 2 (which means we will be at the San Francisco airport on the evening of November 1). Our U.S. Consulate appointment is on November 15. We’ll be returning to the U.S. on November 17.

Our adoption agency received our travel approval (TA) from the Chinese government today. We are officially approved to travel to China to adopt our daughter. The next step is for our adoption agency to receive from the U.S Consulate in Guangzhou an appointment for a U.S. immigration visa. Our agency requested a consulate appointment for […]

Pictures regarding Megan (including pictures from the adoption trip as they occur) will be here.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will be attending a travel meeting at my adoption agency’s office in the bay area. The four families from Northern California in our travel group will be there.

Video from Emily’s dance at the State Capitol has been uploaded. Link is in the center portion of this webpage.

There is a package on it’s way from Beijing to my adoption agency in the San Francisco bay area. The package left Friday morning (China time) which was Thursday evening our time (Pacific time). I am guessing that this package has our travel approval. Travel is usually 2 weeks after receipt of travel approval. Looks […]