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May 2007

First Tooth

Emily lost her first tooth today.

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Sacramento County Fair. This was Megan’s first opportunity to see a cow, sheep, goat, and horse. Emily enjoyed the carnival rides but thought that the haunted house was lame.

Sick Again

I had to leave work early today because of what I think is stomach flu. In addition to the usual output problems, I feel tired, alternatingly chilly or hot, achy, and occasional stomach aches. Hopefully, the rest of the family won’t catch it. Susan had it last week and there were several days when Susan […]

Sick At Home

The family is at home today because Susan and Megan are sick. I am responsible for watching the kids while Susan is in bed. Megan has had a fever off and on for the last two weeks. She has been to Kaiser a few times during this period. Emily had a cold last week but […]