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March 2010

First 10 Minutes With Emily

After only 7 years after the event, here is a video of the first 10 minutes with Emily at the Lakeview Hotel in Nanchang. It’s from when we first walked into the lobby of the Lakeview, to when we were trying to juggle with a new baby and hotel check-in at the same time, to […]

Megan’s School Portraits – March 2010

Here’s a link to Megan’s school portraits

Emily the Hockey Player

Emily’s playing with the boys (she’s the only girl) in a hockey championship at her elementary school. Here’s a clip of Emily playing against the boys (she’s the one in the white shirt and a ponytail): Here’s Emily scoring a goal:

Chinese Consulate Party

Last Saturday (February 27), we were invited to a party at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. The party was for families who adopted children from China. The consulate complex is a lot bigger than I thought. I went to the consulate once before when I had to submit our visa applications for our adoption […]

A Picture Of Susan, Megan, and Emily (kind of)

A picture of the family made it onto the China Daily website. Here’s the link to the picture. Megan is napping in Susan’s lap. The big lump under the pink coat is Emily, who is also napping.