Lakeview Hotel

I learned this morning that the Lakeview Hotel in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China no longer exists. The hotel was purchased by new ownership in 2007 who closed the hotel for renovations but then decided to demolish the 4 star hotel instead and replace it with a brand new 5 star hotel.

We first met Emily in the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel in December 2002 before we even had time to check in. I remember trying to deal with check-in paperwork at the front desk with our guide, the orphanage director, and a couple of nannies surrounding us. Susan was already holding Emily by that time. We spent a week at the hotel while working on the adoption paperwork at the province level. The hotel was circular. The walkway on each floor was circular so you could walk one direction away from your room, walk in a large circle, and end up back at your room. The rooms were only on the outer side of the walkway. The inner side of the walkway faced the open center portion of the hotel. Kinda of like a circular version of many Embassy Suites.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go back to the Lakeview Hotel when we eventually go to China to retrace our route for Emily’s adoption (San Francisco-Beijing-Nanchang-Guangzhou-San Francisco). This trip won’t be until far into the future (when Emily is an adult and if and when she wants to retrace her route/roots).

Here are links about the demolition of the Lakeview Hotel which happened a few days ago:

Citizen of the Month

Emily was awarded Citizen of the month at her elementary school.

July 4th

Here are some pictures from the 4th of July.

4th of July Eve

Here are some pictures from the HOA clubhouse kiddie pool and at dinner at a Chinese restaurant on July 3.

Anniversary Weekend

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary so my sister is house sitting our house and watching the girls. Susan and I are getting away for a Saturday evening to the San Francisco bay area. Though we will miss the girls, it’s nice to get away once in a while. A chance to eat in a grown up restaurant and sleep in.


On May 3, I was chosen by the board to be the Chief Financial Officer and a Board Member of Families with Children from China (FCC), Northern California chapter. So you’ll be seeing me and my family at more FCC events for the next few years.

Orphanage Pictures

I spent the afternoon going through pictures of Emily and Megan from 2008 on my computer hard drive and ordering prints on

An annual routine of mine is to gather a set of 30 pictures of Emily and a set of 30 pictures of Megan from the previous calendar year, place each set into a small photo album (the type you can buy for $4 at Walgreens), and mail the two photo albums to their orphanages. My goal every year is to do this each January for pictures from the just completed calendar year. This year I am three months late.

Emily and Megan are from different orphanages in different parts of the country (Jiangxi and Guangdong).

At this point, I don’t expect anyone from Emily’s orphanage to remember Emily (adopted 6 years ago) and I’m not sure if anyone from Megan’s orphanage still remembers Megan (adopted 2 years ago).

However, if in the very remote chance there is someone in China who still remembers Emily or Megan, I send these photo albums each year. Also, when we met the orphanage workers in China for Emily and Megan’s adoptions, in both instances, they did ask us to send them updated photos. I figure annually sending them updated photos is the least we can do to show them our appreciation.

Emily’s School Pictures – March 2009

Click on the picture above for more school pictures of Emily.

Easter 2009

Pictures from Easter 2009 are now online. We went up to my in-laws house in the San Francisco bay area for Easter dinner.

Megan’s Latest School Pictures

Here are Megan’s latest school pictures. Click on the picture above for more.