Emily’s Preschool Graduation

Last Thursday (June 21) was Emily’s Preschool graduation. There was an outdoor ceremony at 10 AM with 3-4 songs/dances performed by the kids. Afterwards, there was a hot dog buffet lunch.

Fairytale Town

On Saturday, about 7 families (mostly from our adoption agency, Heartsent) got together and went to Fairytale Town in Sacramento. Everyone had a lot of fun. Click on the picture below to go to the photo album of Saturday.

Happy Father’s Day, Megan’s Orphanage

Here’s a video of Megan’s orphanage (Yangxi Social Welfare Institute) taken by another family in May 2006. Megan would have been 3 months old at the time. The family’s webpage can be found here: http://www.dropshots.com/psgres.

First Tooth

First Tooth Loss

Emily lost her first tooth today.

Memorial Day Weekend


We spent Saturday afternoon at the Sacramento County Fair. This was Megan’s first opportunity to see a cow, sheep, goat, and horse. Emily enjoyed the carnival rides but thought that the haunted house was lame.

Sick Again

I had to leave work early today because of what I think is stomach flu. In addition to the usual output problems, I feel tired, alternatingly chilly or hot, achy, and occasional stomach aches. Hopefully, the rest of the family won’t catch it. Susan had it last week and there were several days when Susan was symptom free before I got it.

Sick At Home

The family is at home today because Susan and Megan are sick. I am responsible for watching the kids while Susan is in bed. Megan has had a fever off and on for the last two weeks. She has been to Kaiser a few times during this period. Emily had a cold last week but it went away fairly quick.

Travel Group Reunion – Nor Cal Contingent

Today, we got together with the Northern California contingent of our travel group that went with us to China when we adopted Megan in November. Five of the ten families that traveled with us to China live in Northern California (4 in the Sacramento area and 1 in the Bay Area). All five got together for a picnic in William Land Park in Sacramento. We had thoughts about going to Fairytale Town or Funderland (located inside the park) after lunch. But we ended up just hanging out at the picnic area instead. Pictures are here. It turned out to be a great day and we talked about getting together again soon.

Adoption Class

Susan spent Saturday morning presenting a class at the local office of our adoption agency. The agency is called Heartsent Adoptions and their local office is in Fair Oaks. She taught a class called “Coming Home…What To Expect”. About 10 families were in attendence. Susan and Megan are on the right.

Heartsent class

Hip Hop In LA Times

My college friend Jeff Chang has an opinion piece in today’s Los Angeles Times about the recent focus on the hip hop culture.